Amazing views of the Terre di Castelli: A Panorama to die for!

Where the view embrace a wider horizon

punti panoramici terre di castelli modena

The Terre di Castelli offer beautiful views immersed in nature, encompassing the whole territory of the province of Modena.

And who ever said that to enjoy an enchanting view you have to go up to the alpine valleys or climb a bell tower? There are more discreet and secluded places, which, once discovered, reserve exciting views for lovers of scenic spots or for those who are simply looking for a place to spend some time relaxing, picnicking or sharing a romantic moment in the countryside with someone special.

The territory of the Terre di Castelli has many such places: lying between the pleasant Emilian plains and the first Apennine reliefs, it offers numerous viewpoints that offer unobstructed views stretching to the profiles of towns aligning Via Emilia, without the need of binoculars and telescopes. And on clear days you can even see the profiles of the Veronese pre-Alps, a view that takes in the entire Po Valley at once.

The good news for the lovers of landscapes is that the viewpoints over the Terre di Castelli are easily accessible: on foot, by bike, by car or, in some cases, by public transport. The problem, therefore, is certainly not getting there, rather, taking your leave!

An incredible view over the Lambrusco vineyards

From the hill of Puianello, home to the homonymous Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna della Salute, your only reason for leaving would be that it is impossible to resist the call of a good glass of Lambrusco Grasparossa wine! In fact, the hills around this high ground in the municipality of Castelvetro di Modena are covered by the grapevines of the sparkling red with a growing appeal all over the world.

The view is truly breathtaking, sweeping over the territory of the Terre di Castelli and the gentle reliefs which centuries ago fascinated the famous poet Torquato Tasso, well aware of the beauty of nature. In fact, the hills below are a harmonious landscape, where neatly-farmed land, beautiful country houses and the charming village of Levizzano Rangone offer a view that holds its own with one of the most famous postcards from Italy. You should aim to visit the hill of Puianello at the beginning of autumn, when the vineyards become inflamed with reddening grapevine leaves, a real spectacle.

Romantic views from sunrise to sunset

In the town of Marano sul Panaro - not by chance called "the gateway to the Apennines" – there are at least two scenic spots to enjoy in good company: the picturesque village of Denzano and the village of Villabianca, a few kilometers away. Both overlook the plain that starts right at the foot of these hills. Art and history lovers will be able to admire the remains of an ancient castle and a Plebana church of Romanesque origin in a panoramic position that must have also enthralled the ancient inhabitants of this village.

But it is as you climb the path leading from the village to the ridge above that curiosity gives way to real wonder. In a short time, either on foot or by bicycle, you can reach the summit of Poggio Grande, known as Monte Tre Croci (Mount Three Crosses) for the presence of three large wooden crosses on the open space on the top of the hill. From here, 360° panoramic photos are a real marvel!

The view embraces the whole plain and the surrounding hills, and you can enjoy views of cities, rivers and peaks. A little advice: come up here at sunrise or sunset, in spring and especially summer, and enjoy the effect of light together with the panorama.

menu estivo modena terre di castelli borlenghi

The borlengo: a specialty of the hills

Guiglia and the Sassi Roccamalatina are suggestive panoramic points, but they are also the territories of borlenghi and tigelle. Legend has it that this simple and delicious dish first came to light in the Castle of Guiglia during a siege. Every year the community dedicates a very popular festival to it, where you can taste the borlengo in its most authentic form.

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terre di castelli castelvetro di modena sagra dell uva e del lambrusco grasparossa wall luoghi eventi

Discovering the "rites" of Lambrusco

If you choose August or September for a panoramic tour in the Terre di Castelli, it is the right time to experience the atmosphere of the main "rites" linked to the red of Castelvetro di Modena: from Calici di Stelle, a winetasting event on the night of San Lorenzo, to the harvest, to the traditional Lambrusco Grasparossa Grape Festival, in the second half of September.

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terre di castelli vignola rocca di vignola wall luoghi eventi

Rocca di Vignola: a fort offering amazing views

Born as a fortification to defend against attacks and invasions, it becomes a magnificent manor house and today it is used as a panoramic observation point across the territory. From the top of the towers of the Rocca of Vignola the view sweeps from the roofs of the medieval city centre to the countryside where the famous cherries grow, the Panaro river and surrounds.

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Guiglia: the "terrace of the Apennine”

This is not a random nickname or a hyperbole: Guiglia, given its dominant position on the first Apennine heights on the right bank of the river Panaro, is really a kind of "natural terrace", a panoramic point with views which, on the clearest days, include the peaks of the Pre-Alps and the Veronese Alps, in a sort of coast to coast vision: a breathtaking spectacle to admire and share, which will leave you lost for words.

Guiglia offers magnificent views both from the historic center, dominated by the castle, and in many points of its territory, which includes natural attractions such as the Sassi di Roccamalatina and its surrounding natural park. These extraordinary rocky towers also offer a privileged panoramic point to admire the landscape of gentle hills, woods and small villages of medieval origin that quietly slope towards the valley bottom of the river Panaro.

In summer you can enjoy the view of nature at the very height of its lushness, while appreciating a cooler climate, a perfect "escape from the city". However, even here autumn is perhaps the most generous and romantic season, thanks to the foliage which lights up the chestnut woods, making them blaze of the light.

Campiglio, with its beautiful view of the Rocca of Vignola

The town of Vignola, known far and wide for its typical varieties of cherries and the beauty of its medieval fortress, is surrounded by the first clayey hills that characterize this territory of passage from the plains of the Terre di Castelli and the pre-Apennine area. On one of the hills overlooking the city, there is Campiglio, a small village of very ancient origins, a perfect spot for lovers of a good view and at the same time a gentle stroll in the green hills.

From the village itself, between the bell tower, the church and the old stone houses, you can enjoy a suggestive glimpse of the so-called Valle dei Ciliegi, (Cherry Tree Valley) the territory on the border between the towns of Vignola and Marano sul Panaro, which, in the month of April, explodes with white cherry blossoms.

Going down towards Vignola, it is worth popping into the park located right at the edge of the town. It offers a splendid view of the whole city as well as a welcome break thanks to the benches and its facilities You can admire from above the elegant profile of the Rocca of Vignola, which rises above the town thanks to the dominant position of the building, placed on a rock overlooking the river Panaro. A view that will further convince you to visit this masterpiece of architecture and art, which is just 4 kilometers away.

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