Azienda Agricola Punto Verde


Azienda Agricola Punto Verde

Authentic flavors come alive in juices, compotes, mousses and sauces stricly bio!

Azienda Agricola Punto Verde was born in 1986 from the family Castiglioni in Savignano sul Panaro, the area of the production of the typical cherry and plum of Vignola. Cultivating according to organic practices means loving your own land, respect its rhythms and seasons in order to see only authentic and natural products growing and maturing.

Since 2001, in the laboratories of transformation, fruits and vegetable become juices, compotes, mousses, sauces and gourmet compotes thanks to processes that respect colours, flavours and the nature of the products themselves, in a union of tradition and innovation. All is BIO certificated by ICEA.

The passion for the organic and for the authentic flavours come alive firstly in the fruits, then in their conserves.

Bio fruits and vegetable at Azienda Agricola Punto Verde in Savignano sul Panaro