Guiglia Castle


Guiglia Castle

The ancient castle of Guiglia, like in every ancient settlement, has seen bloody battles between warring factions, fires, earthquakes and has been ruled by various powers who have changed the original design throughout the centuries.

In 1630, the Marquis Francesco Montecuccoli started a radical restoration project which transformed the ancient fortress into a lavish noble residence for his family. Following the decline of the Montecuccoli and subsequent troubling circumstances, the building was auctioned and acquired by Ing. Beush who transformed it into an hotel.

La Torre del Pubblico, located in front of the original entrance to the fortress, has a square plan, a terracotta portal with carved archway and is crowned by the belfry, complete with a 17th Century bell. The adjacent building was probably used as a meeting house for the local community.

Not far from the castle, you can find the Oratorio della Madonnina, positioned in a space crossed by three alcoves. The central one hosts the only altar present. The vestibule and sacristy are on the same side as the entrance. The dome is crowned by a circular lantern. Inside, there are three well-preserved tombs of the Montecuccoli-Laderchi and several votive offerings of the townsfolk. The Montecuccoli family were devout worshippers of Madonna di San Luca and for this reason the chapel is a miniature reproduction of the Santuario of San Luca in Bologna.


The opulent summer residence of the Montecuccoli
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