Lands of castles, art and culture

  • 9 h 30 m
  • Spring
  • Couple
  • Montale di Castelnuovo Rangone

Lands of castles, art and culture

terre di castelli vignola rocca di vignola Cappella Lunetta della Resurrezione e della discesa al Limbo di Cristo ph Ghigo Roli

The Terre di Castelli are rich in history. These lands were inhabited  since ancient times and still preserve  the signs of a turbulent past, made up of disputes and power-struggles between families, but also of art and beauty such as churches, fortress and museums, that already tell us their story.

It would be impossibile to sum up in few lines the history of Terre di Castelli. So let’go and have a look at its traces:  art, archaeology and monuments  will show you their ancient past.

Secoli di storia in un itinerario affascinante.


  • Montale rangone - The Archaeological Park and Open-air Museum of Terramara

    Let’s start. A return to the past directly to the Prehistory. Here, at the Archaeological Park and Open Air Museum of the Terramara di Montale, we find ourselves in front of a real prehistoric settlement: this museum of strong evocative and didactic value enables us to discover how people lived in Emilia during the Bronze Age.

  • Spilamberto - The fortified Tower ande the cell of Messer Filippo

    Then, move ahead to  the Middle Age: the fortified tower of Spilamberto is one of the most well preserved in the Terre di Castelli. Here we can meet Messer Filippo: an unfortunate and mystorious prisoner  incarcerated at Spilamberto  during  the 1500s... who knows what kind of messages had been written on the walls of its cell?   

  • Vignola - The medieval Fortress

    Let us go back looking for castles and let’s pause at Vignola Fortress: military fortification constructed in strategic position, then transformed and enriched with elegant frescoes to create luxurious, stately residence. The Rocca di Vignola is the truly simbol of these lands.

  • Savignano sul Panaro - The Museum of the Venus and the Mommoth Museum.

    Did  you know that in Savignano sul Panaro there’s a prehistoric elephant? And that in the same area one of the most ancient  “steatopygic” statue, so-called “Venere” has been found ? Here archaeology has been generous and offered up finds of great value : let’s  discover them at the Museum of the Venus and the  Mommoth Museum.

  • Marano sul Panaro - The Parish Church of San Lorenzo

    Let's continue the itinerary to the historic village of Marano. At the middle of the main square, there are treasures to discover. Inside the Church of San Lorenzo there is the elegant fresco depicting the “Madonna delle Grazie” and the “Cristo Nero”, considered to be miraculous and still object of veneration .

  • Levizzano Rangone - Campo San Rocco

    Do you remember the Saint Cloud edict requiring  cemeteries be moved outside the city walls? It was issued by Napoleon and here, in Levizzano, you can observe Campo San Rocco, one of the rarest examples of  “Napoleonic” cemetery still existing.

  • Castelvetro di Modena - The Sancturay of Puianello

    Let’s complete the itinerary with a climb that is well worth striving for.  The baroque Sancturay of Puianello, overlooking the hills,  is dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health. It is easy to meet pilgrims asking for healing. But even if you’re in good health, you should have a visit,  becasue the view is truly breathtaking!