MuSa, the charcuterie museum


MuSa, the charcuterie museum

Where else could MuSa, the first museum in Italy dedicated to the age-old Art of Charcuterie be founded but in the land of cured meats? The Charcuterie Museum was created from the ideal of the Villani family, a historic family business that has been operating in Castelnuovo Rangone since 1886 and is a point of reference in terms of quality in the world of cured meats. And it is no coincidence: processing pork is a true genius loci of the territory (as also shown by the Pig Monument and the traditional Superzampone event).

Inside the Charcuterie Museum, the educational path is spread over three floors with a total of 200 square metres of exhibition space. A taste itinerary marked by images, videos, descriptive texts, displays of ancient machinery, to discover the flavours and knowledge that have always adorned our tables. If you wish, it is also possible to have a tasting of the products when the visit ends.

The Art of Charcuterie is indeed a practice that has indelibly marked the traditions of the Emilian region. Corporations have brought together artisans, knowledge and dexterity since the Renaissance and this was also the case for the Art of Charcuterie. The cut, the trussing, salting, the spices and aromas used during production: we have been handed down a combination of practices and trades and MuSa illustrates it to us.


Offer and costs (per person)

Guided tour with salami tasting: € 10,00. The visit lasts 45 minutes on average.


  • Children up to 10 years


  • Groups over 25 people: € 7.00.


Each access to MuSa entitles you to a 10% discount on purchases at the nearby Villani food shop.

A museum totally dedicated to the Art of Charcuterie
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  • Multilingual staff
  • guided tours