Pensione Ristorante Santina


Pensione Ristorante Santina

Family-run restaurant in the natural park Sassi di Roccamaltina

Pensione Ristorante Santina's history starts in 1958, when Santina Chiappelli opened this activity as landlady. In 1962, the structure became Albergo Ristorante Santina after a restoration.

Today it is still a family-run small hotel managed by Santina's daughter, Imperia, who conducts the best local traditions, as the artisan production of fresh homemade pasta.

Albergo Ristorante Santina is located beside the residential zone of Roccamaltina, a foothill town located on the 623 state road of Passo Brasa, equidistant from the cities of Modena and Bologna. The proximity to the natural park Sassi di Roccamalatina makes the restaurant particularly appropriate as starting point for a visit, both for catering service and overnight stay.

Local dishes as tagliatelle, tortellini, tortelloni, game, crescentine (not “tigelle”!), gnocco fritto, borlenghi, desserts and pies, characterize the cuisine of the restaurant. All is served in a rustic setting which gives the sense of a familiar atmosphere.

Rustic setting and local dishes at Pensione Ristorante Santina