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Gentle cycling tours

cicloturismo percorso sole

Emilia-Romagna is perfect for cycling, and so is the province of Modena. Let's discover the Panaro river and its unique characteristics, step-by-step, on the cycle and pedestrian path that runs alongside it.

A twenty-five-kilometer round trip that starts and finishes in Marano sul Panaro, passing through Spilamberto and Vignola. It is the percorso Sole-Natura route that runs along the Panaro river, an itinerary suitable for all abilities: an ideal way to enjoy the great outdoors at the foot of the Modena hills.

Fresh water cycle tourism: on the banks of the Panaro River


  • parco fluviale marano

    Marano sul Panaro - Parco Fluviale

    Ready for a nice ride passing through nature and historic villages? Good! The starting point of the percorso Sole-Natura route is Piazza Matteotti, in the center of Marano sul Panaro, under the branches of the large tree that dominates the heart of the town, in the center of the main square.

  • Rocca Rangoni - Spilamberto

    Before leaving for Vignola, we stop at the Rocca Rangoni of Spilamberto: an ancient noble residence with its splendid park, once a place for festivals and entertainment, particularly important for its proximity to the river Panaro and the hills and today the site of institutions committed to promoting the local food and wine heritage.

  • Museum of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar- Spilamberto

    Riding alongside the Panaro, through the orchards, we can see Vignola, but the first stage takes us to the village of Spilamberto, home to the Museum of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. Let us take a break to discover this prized local product, famous throughout the world.

  • cicloturismo percorso sole

    Vignola - Ciclabile del sole

    Dopo una sosta tra natura, cultura e sapori, si riprende la strada verso Vignola. A pochi metri dal centro storico si imbocca la ciclabile del sole che collega Modena a Vignola, passando proprio per Spilamberto. Costruita sul vecchio tracciato della ferrovia Vignola-Modena, questa ciclabile ha una pendenza leggermente sfavorevole, ma comunque totalmente affrontabile. Pedalando immersi nei campi coltivati si raggiungerà Vignola in poco tempo.

  • Vignola - Rocca

    Let's return to the cycle path, which now takes us on the route of the old railway that connected the municipalities of the Terre di Castelli to Modena, finally arriving in Vignola. We will be welcomed by the imposing Rocca, symbol of the town: an excellent opportunity to take a breather and visit this building that blends the Middle Ages of the towers and the high walls with the Renaissance of the precious frescoes visible inside

  • Marano - Energy Museum

    Let's double back on ourselves with a last ride, immersed in the nature, to reach the town of Marano again. Finally, we can visit the Energy Museum, housed in the former Montecuccoli Mill that used water from the river Panaro, the natural heart of the territory and a historic source of livelihood for the entire community.