Monte Questiolo


Monte Questiolo

Un fortilizio medievale che domina il paesaggio

Monte Questiolo was an important fortress of the Montecuccoli family, then passed onto the Rangoni Machiavelli, located on the Mount that dominates the right side of the Panaro.

Today, several important testimonies of the building are visible: the well-preserved fourteenth-century tower and a substantial part of the walls on which some loopholes and the original access portal to the Castle can still be seen. It was probably accessed through a wooden structure connected to the adjacent buildings.

Remains of bronze-age huts (1000-1800 BC) were found in 1953 on Monte Questiolo: the earliest proof of the settlement of man in the area. Faunal remains have been recovered (oxen, deer, sheep, wild boar, roe deer), which suggest a community of breeders and hunters.

In recent times, the ownership of the castle has been attained by the Municipality of Zocca, which has designated the entire area as a public park; the Superintendence for Environmental and Architectural Heritage has provided a global restoration.

At the foot of the castle is the old village, once a closed courtyard of which several buildings still remain, one being sixteenth-century, heavily renovated with a semi-circular arched sandstone portal on the façade.

When you come from Zocca, you must head towards Rosola to reach Monte Questiolo. After around 2 km, after passing the hamlet of Verucchia, turn right into via Monte Questiolo and continue until the end of the road.

A medieval fortress that dominates the landscape