Campiglio village


Campiglio village

Un antico Borgo con vista sulla Valle del Panaro

The hill on which Borgo di Campiglio is perched has been an area of human settlement since Neolithic times. From its straight ridge, you can enjoy a splendid panorama of Vignola and its valley below.

The name Campiglio derives from the Latin “Campilius”. The medieval village grew around the castle and market. It came under the control of the Da Campiglio family in feudal times and from the 15th Century it was controlled by the Marquises Rangoni.

Rocca remained seat of the town hall until the Napoleonic period. The Comunità di Campiglio ceased to be autonomous with the nomination of Vignola as capital of the Canton of the County of Panaro.

An old village with views over Valle del Panaro