Antiquarium, archaeological museum of Spilamberto


Antiquarium, archaeological museum of Spilamberto

Un viaggio nella storia archeologica di Spilamberto

The intense erosive phase that has characterised the Panaro river in the last decades has actually revealed important prehistoric sites and traces of ancient history in the areas of Spilamberto and San Cesario.

These relics can be seen in the Antiquarium Museo Archeologico and constitute three principal phases of settlement. The first is attributable to a rather ancient aspect of The Squared-Mouth Vase Culture (Neolithic – mid 5th Millennium B.C). The second documents several points in succession of the Chassey-Lagozza Culture (recent Neolithic – end of 5th Millennium, first half of 4th Millennium B.C). The third, with the related necropolis, is attributable to the Eneolithic, first centuries of the 3rd Millennium B.C and documents the Group of Spilamberto. There are also materials originating from the excavation of two Roman wells, one of which is partially reassembled in local exhibitions and whose long time use concluded with its definitive abandonment between the end of the 6th and the beginning of the 7th Century A.D.

The museum is located at Corso Umberto I (Tower) and is part of the Provincial Museum Scheme.

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A journey into the archaeological history of Spilamberto