Parco Sandro Pertini and drawings by Paz


Parco Sandro Pertini and drawings by Paz

Un parco dove la storia si mescola ai fumetti

Parco Sandro Pertini in Castelnuovo is a “furnished” green area with giant plaques that reproduce several drawings by Andrea Pazienza. The drawings are taken from the comic book “Pertini” published by the cartoonist in1983: an affectionate homage of “Paz” to “Pert”.

A particular character, Sandro Pertini: the only Italian politician perceived by the young people of '77 as "different", a rebel, a modern hero with humanity and authenticity - almost a rock star.

Parco Sandro Pertini thus testifies the bond between two characters belonging to different generations, but united by the passion for freedom.  In addition, it is the advocate of the link between Castelnuovo and artistic creativity just like Parco Rio Gamberi, set up in its turn with reproductions by the scenographer Lele Luzzati.

A park where history mixes with comic strips