Villa Montecuccoli


Villa Montecuccoli

La residenza di campagna dei nobili Montecuccoli

In the immediate vicinity of the centre of Marano sul Panaro, you will find Villa Montecuccoli, known as il “Colombarone”, (the “dovecote”) country residence of the Montecuccoli nobles from around 1630 when Marano passed under their control.

The Villa is a grand, noble farmstead of the Renaissance period, consisting of diverse buildings, the biggest being the “torre a colombaia” (or dovecote tower) whence the name “Colombarone” derives.

The tower overhangs a gallery with pillars and rounded arches. The mullioned windows of Neoclassical style point to the eclecticism of the 19th Century restoration. The emblems and insignia of the Montecuccoli are still visible.

The country residence of the Montecuccoli nobles