The Torrione and walls


The Torrione and walls

The civic tower of Castelnuovo Rangone, called Torrione, dates to the 15th century and is the main monument of the town. It is a testimony to the ancient castle built here in the tenth century.

Incorporated over time in the historic centre buildings, it was reinforced by the Rangoni family in the fourteenth century with the imposing square-planned Torrione.

The Torrione was built as a watchtower of the walls that surrounded the Castle, whose trace is still visible. Rediscovered only recently, the medieval walls of Castelnuovo date to the 13th century and are among the most important in the province of Modena. The recovery work after the discovery brought a part of it back to life.

The Town Hall is located in the present Castle, which was rebuilt after the destruction of the Second World War. In addition, a bronze monument of a running pig was placed in front of the Torrione in 1997 as a true symbol of the town’s economy.

The Historical traces of Castelnuovo’s past