Zocca: Parrocchia del Sacro Cuore


Zocca: Parrocchia del Sacro Cuore

Una chiesa nel cuore di Zocca

The church of Zocca is dedicated to Saint James the Martyr and the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Its building started in 1895, replacing the seventeenth-century oratory of San Contardo d’Este, demolished in 1926. The designer was the engineer Carlo Barberi, creator of the parishes of San Cataldo in Modena, Castelvetro, Maranello, Ciano and Levizzano, in the styles of medieval revival.

It was established in the Parish in 1929 and has the name of Archpriest. The beautiful church with eclectic architecture that combines neo-Byzantine recollections with neo-Romanesque style, and the slender bell tower, dominate the village and the valley from a panoramic position. The bell tower from the second decade of the twentieth century is concluded by a conical cusp and houses four bells in a large cell, on which there is a commemorative plaque, with the words “Monzoni Haelii et Sac. Ludovici Monzoni munificentia A.D. MCMXXIX”: the bell tower was built for the munificence of Monzoni Elio and Sac. Don Ludovico in 1929”.

The church was frescoed by the painter Count Giacomo Gemmi, who worked mainly in Bologna, in a stylistic language that retrieves both Byzantine and Renaissance manners; in the crypt there is a grotto dedicated to the Madonna of Lourdes, in which a Sacred Heart of 1911 is housed, of the Modenese painter Gaetano Bellei.

A church in the heart of the village