Traditional Italian Espresso


Traditional Italian Espresso

Caffè Terzi Vignola is one of the few, perhaps the only "Caffè Pura" in Italy. 

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Traditional Italian Espresso tasting

Four different Italian Espressos accompanied by a Blends, Origins and Brewing 

Profile data sheet, held by the Caffè Terzi Vignola Staff

Reservation required, days and timing to be agreed, approx. 30/45 minutes

Italian Caffetteria: birth, history, evolution and... "future" of the most celebrated and loved Italian drink: the Traditional Italian Espresso. Introduction to Sensory Analysis and both from Traditional Blends and Single Origins Espresso Tasting

Introduction and presentation of Traditional Italian Espresso. Traditional Italian Blends (spoken)

The “appearance” of Robusta in the italian market (spoken). Introduction to Sensory Analysis (introduction, techniques, methodology and Sensory Analysis tests and sample tasting)

Tasting of 6 Espressos both from Blends and Single Origins

Speaker: Manuel Terzi

Reservation required. Days, times and costs to be agreed from time to time, according with the availability of the speaker and the premises. Min. 1 person, indicative duration (also depends on how many participants) 2.5 hours

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Periodo di svolgimento: su prenotazione
Minimo e massimo di partecipanti: da 1 persona a 10 persone
Esperienza accessibile: sì, contatta l'azienda per maggiori informazioni
Modalità di prenotazione: prenotazione obbligatoria tramite telefono o email