Acetaia La Cà dal Nôn


Acetaia La Cà dal Nôn

Acetaia La Cà del Nôn produces Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena from four generations

Great-grandfather Alfonso was the first who started this tradition and the first batteries of barrels in the ancient stonehouse in Vignola. Since then the roofs of Cà del Nôn, that in modenese dialect means "Grandfather's House", are full of barrels where silently grows this unique vinegar.

The vinegar cellar is a timeless world, where the years slowly go by and where the men have lovely care and attention. Firstly the cooked must is sweet and fruity, then it becomes acid, structured, deep and equilibrated and it is transformed in a complex product by Vittorio's experience, Alfonso's grandson. It matches with the senses and dresses the food in a unique and original way.

The tasting of the traditional products of Cà del Nôn is a little travel in the family's history: among the products that are aged not less than twelve years and the extra old ones, which are aged not less than twenty-five years, Mariangela and Michele, Alfonso's great-grandchildren, have selected some series which have been dedicated to their grandparents, Franco and Demetria, and to Vittorio's dad. So it is possible to taste the fruity aroma of the mulberry and cherry woods and the delicate pleasure of the juniper wood.

The vinegar cellar is always open, on appointment, for visits and tastings. At the end of September or in the first days of October, the visit will begin in the intern courtyard of the ancient house where the cooked must emanates its aroma and where to sit and rest  under the shadow of a secular vineyard. During the visit, the visitor follows the harvest phases in the vineyards near the village of Savignano sul Panaro.

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