Acetaia La Cà dal Nôn


Acetaia La Cà dal Nôn

Acetaia La Cà del Nôn produces Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena from four generations

The vinegar farm La Cà dal Nôn, produces Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena since 4 generations: it was the great grand father Alfonso who started this tradition giving life to the first series of barrels in the lofts of the old house made of river stones in Vignola. Since then the lofts of “La Cà dal Nôn”, in the dialect of Modena “The house of the grand-father” are full of barrels where this unique vinegar ages silently.

The vinegar lofts are a world without time, a place where years pass very slowly and men act with utmost care. Slowly, the cooked grape juice, born sweet and fruity, gains acidity, structure, deepness and balance. It changes through the experience of Vittorio, the grand-son of Alfonso, into a a very complex product with long flavours and perfumes, that can dress food in a unique and original way.

Tasting the traditional balsamic vinegars of La Cà dal Nôn is like making a short trip in the story of the family: among the vinegars aged more than 12 years and the so called “extra vecchio” aged for more than 25 years, Mariangela e Michele the great grand children of Alfonso, have selected some lines dedicating then to the grand parents Franco and Demetria, and to their father Vittorio. So you can taste the fruity nuance of the mulberry and the cherry wood and the delicate mellow resinous touch of the juniper wood.

During the years the production of traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena has been combined with some other products always using the cooked grape must as unique ingredient: SABA, a sweet concentrated cooked grape juice always used since the ancient Roman times as a natural sweetener, and BALSAMOSABA®, an original line of sweet and sour condiment coming from cooked grape must.

The vinegar farm is always open for TOURS AND TASTINGS, tours are upon reservation only and can be followed in Italian and English. French and German on demand and upon availability.

Upon request it’s also possible to visit the organic vineyards in Savignano sul Panaro.

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L'acetaia è sempre aperta per visite e degustazioni, i tour sono su prenotazione, si possono seguire in italiano ed inglese, su richiesta e secondo disponibilità in francese e tedesco. 

Su richiesta è possibile visitare anche i vigneti, biologici, dell’azienda in Savignano sul Panaro.