Via delle Querce


Via delle Querce

La Via delle Querce è un itinerario che si snoda nella zona collinare di Savignano sul Panaro e che fiancheggia a sud-est la strada statale Bazzanese.

Via delle Querce is a route that winds through the hilly area of Savignano sul Panaro and that flanks the south-east side of the Bazzanese state highway. The area boasts a flourishing collection of gigantic oaks, so imposing that they could be considered to be true natural monuments. Amongst over 300 species of oaks in the world, the most common in the region are the Turkey Oak, Downy Oak, Common Oak and the Sessile Oak. Their height varies from 20 to 40 metres.

In the surrounding area, there are endless amounts of routes you can take on foot or by bicycle which allow you to become more familiar with the area and discover its beautiful wildlife areas. The Mostino route, the Monticelli, Montebudello and the Acqua Fredda route are all worth seeing.

A walk through monumental oaks