The natural spectacle of the Ciano ravines


The natural spectacle of the Ciano ravines

Il paesaggio unico delle spettacolari creste “a lama di coltello” dei calanchi di Ciano a Zocca

The spectacle that nature provides in Ciano is characteristic and peculiar. The force of continuous and slow erosion has in fact dug out over the centuries, knife-edge ridges interspersed with small V-shaped valleys: ravines, creating a sinuous movement in the area. Wonderful brooms, dog roses and wild orchids make this environment, where vegetation, especially tall trees, struggle to grow, a suggestive and almost surreal landscape, surrounded by green hills, full of high-quality grapes, which descend from Ciano to the plain. A natural context for the little village of Ciano and its historical-cultural beauties: the church of San Lorenzo, which dates back to the early 20th century and houses a fine organ, the rural centre with the 18th century oratory called “I Boschi” and the ruins of the castle walls and the oratory in Castellaccio.

The unique landscape of the spectacular “knife-edge” ridges of the Ciano ravines.