Marmi Cinema Museum


Marmi Cinema Museum

Una collezione di macchine del cinema uniche nel suo genere

Thanks to the Marmi family, it was possible to establish a permanent public exhibition, displaying a rich personal collection of apparatus, equipment and objects relating to the world of cinema, the period of “Precinema” and “Cinema Archaeology” preceding the first projected motion pictures of the Lumière brothers. These precious items make up the extraordinary collection of the Museo del Cinema Antonio Marmi (MCM).

The Museum is located at the Teatro Ermanno Fabbri di Vignola in a room specifically dedicated to this art form. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey beginning with the advent of the first devices for the reproduction of moving images and the birth of the first camera frames to the methods for producing the first short films, some of which were shot in Vignola by Marmi himself.

You will find optical toys such as the Polyorama Panoptique, Zoetrope, Praxinoscope and also Magic Lanterns, which were the first true projection machines. You will also find various hand-painted glass which, with the further development of photography, were replaced by photographic plates.
During the dark years of the Second World War, Antonio Marmi kept alive his passion for the fascinating world of cinematography, making it possible today to exhibit a series of rare examples of cameras and cine-cameras, restored by Marmi himself dating back to the 1920s.

MCM was set up thanks to the cooperation of the Marmi family and the Comune di Vignola and the Fondazione di Vignola.

A collection of unique cinema apparatus