The churches of Castelnuovo Rangone


The churches of Castelnuovo Rangone

Un viaggio fra le chiese storiche del territorio di Castelnuovo Rangone

The Parish Church of San Celestino (Castelnuovo Rangone)

The Church of San Celestino, named after the patron saint of Castelnuovo Rangone, was built in the mid-1800s by architect Andrea Costa. Latin cross shaped with only one nave, the church was frescoed by the Modenese painters Evaristo Cappelli and Enrico Ferrari. In 1927 the façade was designed by the Milanese architect Manfredo d'Urbino. On the same occasion the space was created for the Baptismal Font, on which was placed a bronze statue of St. John the Baptist, a work, it is said, of the Modenese artist Giuseppe Graziosi.

On the High Altar, dedicated to Pope Saint Celestine I, stands a large painting of the years 1871-1873, painted by the Modenese painter Adeodato Malatesta, who portrays St. Celestine while he consigns the decree on the heresy of Nestorius to St. Cyril. In the apse behind, there is the Choir, consisting of 23 solid walnut wooden stalls, acquired by the Convent of San Cataldo of Modena in 1883.

The bell tower dates to 1888, built on the design of the Castelnovese architect Pio Soli. The Church is further enriched by the large windows realised between 1988 and 1992 by the Castelnovese painter Ferruccio Bertoni. In particular, the one located on the main entrance shows Mary and Saint Celestine to remember that it was Pope Celestine, in the Council of Ephesus in the year 431 who solemnly proclaimed her “Mary, mother of God”.


Parish Church of San Michele Arcangelo (Montale)

The church of Montale, dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel, was originally the chapel of the ancient castle. In 1581, Don Giovanni Battista Montanari donated the beautiful marble vase of the baptistery. The chapel and altar of Saint Anthony of Padua were erected in 1673. In 1698, Don Francesco Romoli had the sacristy built. The paintings in the apse of the church date to 1897 and are the work of professor Fermo Forti, who left a sample of his skilful brush in the painting “Saint Michael and Saint Zeno”.


Church of Santa Maria del Tiepido

This church is named in three papal bulls, the oldest dating to 1112. It is also named in a paper dated 1192 preserved in the State Archives of Modena. The location is certainly interesting. It was certainly inhabited in Roman times, as shown by archaeological finds: a tuf sarcophagus dated to the 2nd century AD, a fragment of a black and white mosaic stone floor; remains of walls of houses, all from the same era. The church of Santa Maria del Tiepido is mentioned from the 12th century. Outside the church it is possible to admire some Roman-age hollowed-out stones.


Church of San Lorenzo (Cavidole)

An ancient church already mentioned in eleventh century documents with a medieval apse and was restored a few years ago.


The Madonna del Portico

Inside the castle of Castelnuovo there was a small chapel of which there is currently only one fresco depicting Mary and Child. It is a very sweet portrait, to say the least, from which a compound, hieratic beauty shines, emanated by sketched contours. The frescoed Mary is known as “Our Lady of Graces”.

A journey among the historic churches of the territory of Castelnuovo Rangone