Rosola, the Rangoni Tower and the Church of Leonardo


Rosola, the Rangoni Tower and the Church of Leonardo

Rosola è un Borgo del Comune di Zocca molto ben conservato che si raccoglie attorno alla Torre Rangoni Machiavelli.

Rosola is a very well-preserved village that is gathered around the Torre Rangoni Machiavelli. Called Muzzano in ancient times, Rosola passed from the Bolognesi to the Estensi becoming a possession of the Montecuccoli towards the end of the fourteenth century. In 1454, Borso d'Este enfeoffed it to Counts Ugo, Venceslao and Uguccione Rangoni, whose family has remained to the present day.

Torre Rangoni Machiavelli is the only remaining proof of the ancient Castle of Rosola, datable to the thirteenth century. The Tower is cut off and is without a doubt the oldest building in the area. The original entrance to the Tower at the level of the first floor can still be seen in the masonry wall, made with rough-hewn sandstone.

A barrel vault covers the high space below which was accessed, before the opening of the current opening, through a narrow trapdoor. A small treasure found in the nineteenth century comes from this place, comprising a jug with a green handle containing more than one thousand three hundred silver coins dating between the ninth and eleventh centuries.

In addition to Torre Rangoni Machiavelli, the village of Rosola houses the Parish Church of San Leonardo Limosino, whose façade vaguely refers to the Romanesque churches. According to the studies of Don Giovanni Ricci, the church, initially located in the centre of the castle of Rosola, was rebuilt a little higher in 1577 and became a parish, centralising the church of Monte Questiolo that became a simple oratory. In the beautiful bell tower with spire there is one of the best bell concerts of Modena, the work of the Bologna-based company Brighenti.

A tower that bears witness to an ancient past