Cantina TerraQuilia


Cantina TerraQuilia

The Ancestral Method from high altitude vineyards

Terraquilia is a young winery of the Apennines mountains between Modena and Bologna, on the earth of the Emilia-Romagna region.

The vineyards are located between 500 and 750 meters above sea level that means aromas intensity and lively acidity.

We are focused on fizzy and sparkling wines both produced according to the ancient Ancestral Method, without any must or yeast addition: some wines keep the sediment into the bottle (col fondo ), others are disgorged after 24/48 months of lees ageing.
The resulting wines are bone dry, with creamy bubbles, and capable to evolve into the bottle for many years becoming rich and complex without loosing their tipycal freshness
Our main grape varieties are Grechetto Gentile (Pignoletto) and Trebbiano for whites, Sangiovese for rosè, while Lambrusco Grasparossa is the leading grape for Lambruscos.
Our production range encompasses still wines as well, mainly from the native grape Malbo Gentile.
All our wines are not filtered, the free level of SO2 is under 30 mg/l, the whole production is organic and vegan certified.

Our winery is located in a really exciting position:
- behind, the small town of Guiglia ,surrounded by green hills, offers the wild natural environment of the Regional Park of Sassi di Roccamalatina, enriched by the presence of many rural villages , churches etc.
- facing, a wonderful panorama that allows the view towards the north valleys up to the Alps in the bright days
In this exciting setting, we want to welcome passionate tourists and share with them the world of the real Ancestral Wines

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