Fili d'oro museum at the palace


Fili d'oro museum at the palace

Testimonianza del rinascimento a Castelvetro

Together with the historical re-enactments of Festa a Castello (Party at the Castle) and Dama Vivente (Living Draughts), the Fili d’Oro Museum at the Rangoni Palace bears witness to the strong link between Castelvetro di Modena and the Renaissance period.

It is a permanent exhibition of Renaissance-style clothes organised by the Associazione Dama Vivente. It recently obtained the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

In the exhibition, the clothes used during historical re-enactments can be admired. Their fine embroideries, silk, satin and velvet fabrics, feathered hats and hairstyles can be observed, set in a fascinating and splendorous atmosphere. This very atmosphere surrounded the young poet Torquato Tasso, who was hosted in 1564 at the court of the Rangoni family in Castelvetro.

A museum where you can discover Renaissance fashion
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