Rocca Rangoni


Rocca Rangoni

La Rocca coniuga una storia illustre alla tradizione culturale degli antichi sapori.

Rocca Rangoni connects an illustrious history with cultural tradition of ancient flavours. Having belonged to the Rangoni Marquises for over 650 years, Rocca Rangoni was acquired by the Municipality of Spilamberto in 2005, which undertook a restoration project starting in 2011. The first stage of the restoration process saw the Cortile d’Onore brought back to its original beauty and is today home to the Corte del Gusto, a place where enogastronomic specialities are evaluated and enjoyed. In 2017, the new square opposite Rocca Rangoni was opened.

Rocca Rangoni stands on a edifice built by the Comune of Modena in 1210 to control the Bolognese border and the area around the Panaro. The quadrilateral edifice with angular towers was further developed after the concession of the castle to the Rangoni nobles from Aldobrandino d’Este. From 1650 to 1660, Rocca became an enchanting palace on account of the richness of the ornaments and paintings inside, outside and in the courtyard. Marquis Guido Rangoni erected the northern section, built the arcade, the monumental staircase and the series of rooms on the piano nobile and decorated the interior and facades.

The nearby hills and the Panaro River makes it a perfect place for enjoying delicacies and lavish parties like the one of 1666 that celebrated the magnificent wedding of Filippo I Rangoni and Anna Teresa Rangoni. In the 18th Century, a balcony was constructed to ennoble the entrance tower, whilst the side towards the Panaro retained its fortified appearance with crenellations and embrasures. In May 2007, it was decided to transfer some of the contents of Rocca Rangoni into the Museo dell’Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Spilamberto, today housed inside Villa Fabriani. In 2011, restoration work began which brought its former beauty back to life and made the Cortile d’Onore and some connecting areas accessible. In the Cortile d’Onore, you will find Corte del Gusto, where enogastronomic delicacies are exhibited and sampled. La Rocca, managed by Associazione Museo del Balsamico Tradizionale, is an ideal location for prestigious exhibitions, displays, weddings, refined banquets and traditional and cultural initiatives in general with a particular focus on enogastronomy.

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A medieval fortress transformed into a noble residence