Centuries-old chestnut tree


Centuries-old chestnut tree

Il castagno secolare di Monteombraro (Zocca) è stimato avere circa 600 anni

The centuries-old chestnut tree of Monteombraro is estimated to be around 600 years old. Historical information tells us that all the surrounding chestnut grove was planted during the fifteenth century. However, some experts on the subject claim that this specimen may be older, even 1000 years. In that case, it would have been planted in the time of Matilde di Canossa.

Hence the legend according to which this chestnut tree was the tree under which the feudatory loved to rest. Another story tells instead that its wide crown had shaded Matilde and all her followers during a journey with its shadow.

The centuries-old chestnut tree of Monteombraro is 13 metres tall: its diameter, calculated at about 1.20 metres from the ground, I 2.54 metres wide. The circumference measures around 15 metres at the base.

It had a tall and luxuriant crown before the Second World War. With the bombings that hit the surrounding area, some branches suffered damage and the foliage itself was reduced. After the war, the secular chestnut tree became a frequent destination for tourist visits, sometimes not too respectful of the ancient tree. Even during this phase, the chestnut tree underwent damage to the branches, the bark and the surrounding soil.

The chestnut grove, which in addition to our “special chestnut tree” has other specimens with impressive shapes, is very near to the town. The landscape it offers is very evocative and can be reached by a pathway that is also suitable for children, with the hope, perhaps of coming across gnomes and elves.

A 600-year old chestnut tree and an important guest.