The "Balsamico Tradizionale" Museum


The "Balsamico Tradizionale" Museum

What distinguishes Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from other vinegars is not only the raw materials from which it is made but also alchemy, time and ancient tradition. Human life span is often a drop in the ocean compared to the long journey made by the must, which, in passing from one barrel to the next, spends long quiet periods between precious, scented wood.

The processes that bring Traditional Balsamic Vinegar to the table are encoded in a sort of ritual where nothing is left to chance and where even the most seemlingly unimportant actions have a purpose. Every stage has been studied scientifically explained, every aspect researched in detail. And yet, everything that occurs in the dark belly of the barrel essentially remains a mystery.

The visitors who peruse the rooms of the Museo del Balsamico Tradizionale at Villa Comunale Fabriani, find themselves completing this journey step by step. They will discover the complexity of the preparation of this particular product, perfected with time and experience and impossible to produce on an industrial level. They will appreciate its uniqueness when observing the processes which are closely guarded in the family cellars. They will effectively be part of a true Modenese legend and contribute to the successful continuation of a centuries-old tradition.

How Traditional Balsamic Vinegar was born. A journey into the mysteries of this precious product.
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