The castles in the Terre di Castelli

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The castles in the Terre di Castelli

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It is already clear from its name that: the Terre di Castelli (the Lands the Castles), in the hills of Modena, are dotted with fortresses, towers and fortifications, the legacy of a long and rich history. The ancient villages of the territory are in fact small historical treasures, also a trove of art and culture.

On the outside we see walls, battlements and impressive towers. On the Inside, beautiful frescoes and curious testimonies. And all around these noble and ancient buildings we find historic villages overlooking the panorama of the Modena hills. Let's go and discover the fortresses of the Terre di Castelli, symbols of an ancient history and an entire community.

Magnificent buildings are evidence of a long and rich history


  • Vignola - Rocca di Vignola

    Let's start from the Rocca di Vignola, the best-known and best-preserved building in the area. Its mighty and severe structure guards a soul of a noble building, represented by the Renaissance frescoes still visible in its rooms.

  • Spilamberto - Rocca Rangoni

    In the heart of Spilamberto there is the Rocca Rangoni, a building built in the 13th century to defend the passage of the Panaro river. Over the centuries it became the residence of an important family, who turned it into a luxurious residence with frescoes, hanging gardens and a large park. Today it is home to institutions engaged in the promotion of local food and wine culture.

  • The historic village of Savignano

    Even the villages are a testimony of the feudal past of the Terre di Castelli: particularly Savignano, a historical village in its medieval form. From the commanding tower at its summit, the only remaining evidence of the ancient castle, its panorama is among one the most beautiful in the area.

  • terre di castelli castelvetro di modena torre dellorologio wall luoghi eventi

    The historic village of Castelvetro

    From village to village, we climb towards the ancient town of Castelvetro with its charming Renaissance square, where we can the towers, once part of the castle. All around, a view that will always remain in your heart (and your mouth!): the soft hills on which the grapevines of Lambrusco Grasparossa are grown.

  • Castle of Levizzano

    Following the Grasparossa way, we arrive in Levizzano. Here, the castle and its Matilda Tower, still well preserved, stand out in the fascinating surrounding landscape and the impressive monumental complex of Campo San Rocco, the former Napoleonic cemetery.