• 3 h 45 m
  • Spring
  • Group
  • Monteombraro di Zocca


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The Terre di Castelli extend from the plain to the Apennines. Here, in the municipality of Zocca, magic comes not only from the music of Vasco Rossi, but also from the colours of nature and the history of the villages surrounding the town.

The smell of chestnuts in autumn and bouquets of lavender in summer. The freshness of spring in villages perched on the mountains, and a landscape covered with snow in winter. Let's discover the four seasons of the Apennines: a real feast of colours and nuances.

Discovering the old villages in the territory of Zocca.


  • Zocca - The old chestnut tree of Monteombraro

    Let's begin our journey in the Apennines, in the shadow of the Old Chestnut of Monteombraro. It is said that Matilda of Tuscany has also stopped under its thick foliage, and that in the surrounding forest there are fairies and elves: a walk in the silence of nature could be an opportunity to meet them...

  • Zocca - The Sundials of Casa Ronchi

    We continue near Monteombraro, the territory of lavender, to reach the two ancient sundials in the fraction of Casa Ronchi, among the rarest of the Apennines: precious testimony of how time was once measured.

  • Zocca – Village of Montecorone

    We climb up to the medieval village of Montecorone: all built in stone, perched on a hill and surrounded by a crown of mountains that seems to embrace it. A real postcard, which in hazy days magically emerges from the mist.

  • Zocca – Village of Montalbano

    From village to village, we stop in Montalbano, a "hill-side village." We walk through its ups and downs, which at Christmas are lit up by lights and nativity scenes, up to the steep slopes from which you can see forests and valleys as far as the eye can see.

  • Zocca - Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Verrucchia

    We conclude with a tract of strong spirituality at the Sanctuary of the Verrucchia, immersed in an evocative natural landscape. Between history and legend, the verdant woods around the Sanctuary are said to be the scene of miraculous apparitions.