Festà and Casona


Festà and Casona

Fra gli insediamenti storici immersi nella natura del territorio di Marano sul Panaro, si trovano Festà e Casona, a pochi chilometri di distanza l’una dall’altra. Non solo luoghi di interesse storico, ma anche punti di partenza per passeggiate ed escursioni

Festà and Casona are only a few kilometres from each other and are two of the many historical settlements that are surrounded by nature in the area of Marano sul Panaro. Not only are they areas of historical interest but they are also excellent starting points for walks and excursions.


Festà lies on a small peak on Valle del Panaro and enjoys panoramic views over the countryside. It was, at one time, home to a medieval fortress of which the walls and tower remain. The tower stands around 20 metres tall and serves as a bell tower. Chiesa della Natività della Vergine now stands where the ancient castle once stood. The church is built in the Neoclassical style and is divided into two naves. Below the church, there is a collection of stone buildings perched on the hillside known as Casa Rastelli.

On the main street, you will find Oratorio di S. Rocco, which was built in honour of the saint for having saved Festà from the plague in 1630 which wreaked havoc in Frignano.

Travelling along the road which leads out of Festà, about 1 km from the town, you will arrive at the village of “Salata”. Here you will find an example of rural architecture from the 16th Century known as “Palazzotto” which is quite well-preserved. The wealth of its former inhabitants, a branch of the Malatigni family, is clear from the remains of the frescoes on its facade and the richness of its ornamental features. At the front, there is a solid, three-storey tower which served the Palazzotto as a form of defence and was home to a garrison.  In the past, there was another tower which was equipped with a drawbridge.


Casona is located on the valley floor, along the Panaro river at the confluence with Rio Torto. The locality is one of the best starting points for excursions (also of long duration).

Two historical villages, departure points for the tourist trails and nature areas