Osteria degli Obici


Osteria degli Obici

A tavern in the heart of Spilamberto

Osteria Obici is named after the street in which it is located and that is dedicated to the famous sculptor Giuseppe Obici who was born in the XIII century in Spilamberto. Osteria Obici is located beside the historic Rocca Rangoni Macchiavelli with which creates a refreshment point and a comfortable setting in a place of traditions and originality.

The menu is consists of:

In addition to the classic courses (selected cold cuts, cheeses, marinated vegetables, pickles and dishes prepared with Balsamic Vinegar), the “Rustico dell’Osteria” is recommended, a tasty mix of flavours in which land and sea join in a perfect balance.

Fresh pasta is strictly homemade daily to preserve the traditional goodness. Moreover, seasonal dishes are created thanks to the use of organic products.

Osteria Obici careful selects the best cuts of meat to cook in different ways and in the ideal periods "game, mushrooms, truffles". The vegetables which compose the side dishes are always fresh.

There is an excellent cheeses selection combined with homemade jams and refined honeys.

The tasty desserts are strictly homemade: creams, pies, biscuits and the excellent “Fruttini gelato” that are fruits transformed into ice-cream maintaining the original taste.

Osteria Obici relies on “Maestro Nardo Pinna s.a.s.“, a company founded in order to sell Balsamic Vinegar. In the tavern, it is possible to taste vinegars selected by Chef Nardo Pinna, the inventor of the famous balsamic vinegar candies.
The tavern sells this precious vinegar in bottles as gifts, souvenirs or original party favours.

It is also possible to buy many types of wine as Solaia, Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Massetto, Lupicaia, Tassinaia, Tignanello, Brunello (different years), Biondi e Santi and any others.

Osteria Obici also proposes a wide offer of banquets for weddings, christenings, confirmations and other ceremonies as graduation and birthday parties, business lunch and dinner, with tastings of local products.

The tavern has an interior hall and a outdoor gazebo for 40/50 persons, which is the ideal to celebrate graduations and to buffet refreshments, happy hour and pianobar dinner.

Beside the tavern, there is the garden of the suggestive Rocca Rangoni, a wonderful location for ceremonies and events where the tavern does catering service.

A refreshment place of tradition and originality