Denzano: trekking between history, nature and suggestive panoramas

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  • Marano sul Panaro

Denzano: trekking between history, nature and suggestive panoramas

Borgo di Denzano, Marano s/Panaro di Loris Tagliazucchi

The hills around Modena in ​​the Terre di Castelli are rich in footpaths immersed in the nature. Let’s discover the most evocative destinations for trekking enthusiasts between the towns of Marano sul Panaro and Castelvetro.

What could be better than spending a day in the heart of the countryside with truly breathtaking views? We only have to enter the first hills of Modena to be satisfied: the surrounds of the ancient village of Denzano lies before us with footpaths that are waiting to be discovered.

Tips for very suggestive excursions


  • Marano - Civic Museum of Ecology and Natural History

    Before starting off on the path to Denzano, we find the Museum of Marano sul Panaro dedicated to the nature of the territory. The ideal place to understand all the natural and ecological aspects of the environment that we will get to know in our day of trekking

  • Denzano: the village

    In a panoramic position we meet the village of Denzano, surrounded by footpaths that wind through nature. But above all, it is full of surprises for lovers of mineralogy and home to an ancient castle of which only a tower and a Romanesque apse remain.

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    Denzano - Monte delle Tre Croci

    We advance through the oak woods and take the path that leads to the Monte delle Tre Croci, passing along the ridge. A suggestive path from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the Modena plain stretching out at the foot of the hills.

  • Levizzano – Castle

    Finally, from Monte Tre Croci it is possible to go downhill and towards the suggestive village of Levizzano Rangone, in a dominant position on the gentle hills where the Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes are cultivated. Here, the old castle stands in the centre of the village, with its ancient Matilda Tower, a symbolic arrival point for an itinerary exploring nature and history.