Birthplace and Salotto of Ludovico Antonio Muratori


Birthplace and Salotto of Ludovico Antonio Muratori

Un luogo che parla di storia e arte

The house in which Ludovico Antonio Muratori was born 21st October 1672, is located in the historic centre of Vignola on Via Selmi 2. Of modest appearance, the edifice consists of two floors and a side portico.

The house opened to the public upon completion of a careful restoration project in which can be seen the Muratori “studio”  with furnshings from the era. The ground floor is dedicated to an exhibition space entitled, "Salotto Ludovico Antonio Muratori". From September to June, on a fortnightly basis,  there are exhibits and collections of artists from all over Italy.

The cultural association, "Amici dell'Arte" of Vignola manage the exhibitions.

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A place that speaks of history and art