The Electricity Museum at Montecuccoli Mill


The Electricity Museum at Montecuccoli Mill

Il Museo delle Energie ha sede presso l’ex Mulino Montecuccoli, in seguito trasformato in una centralina ENEL.

Museo delle Energie is located at the former Montecuccoli mill which was subsequently turned into an ENEL control unit. The exhibition area is dedicated to the history of the canals, buildings and the electrical control units which tell of the transformation of the area. The mill overlooks Piazza Matteotti at the heart of the town.

From the first decades of the 1900s when electricity was starting to be used, an additional wheel or turbine was installed in a lot of mills. The Montecuccoli mill started to house machines for the production of electricity from 1907. This activity continued until 1973, first by the Società Emiliana per l’Energia Elettrica (SEEE) and then by ENEL after the nationalisation of the energy sector in the 1960s.

Today, the old mill’s original structure is preserved, having been modified many times and is situated above the Marano Canal which is a tributary of the Panaro. There remains some equipment and machinery visible in the porch and hallway of the more modern energy centre and in the basements used by local restaurants. The Museo delle Energie was set up taking inspiration these pieces and enables us to identify how and what they were used for and where they were installed in the building.

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An old mill that tells the story of electricity at Marano