The ancient Palazzo Rangoni "del Bargello" and Portico del Pavaglione


The ancient Palazzo Rangoni "del Bargello" and Portico del Pavaglione

Nel cuore del Centro Storico di Spilamberto una residenza medievale dei Rangoni e feudatari

Palazzo Rangoni, also known as, “del Bargello”, was a luxurious medieval residence of the feudal lords of Spilamberto. The building was surrounded by a “Pavillion” portico of which there are still some remains on Corso Umberto I. From 1587, the silk cocoon market was held and levied under this portico. The market played an important role in the local economy and was boosted by the presence of the spinning mill. On the last column of the Portico, which was at one time located towards the current Via S. Adriano but now no longer in existence, public notices were posted.

After the feudal lords of the Rangoni family chose Rocca Rangoni as their residence and court, Palazzo del Bargello was rented out when necessary by the Municipality for public auctions, Council meetings and was also used to house town militias. On the windows on the western side, precious terracotta decorations and a long mobile iron arm that supports the great lamp illuminating the portico are still visible.

The medieval residence of the Rangoni, feudal lords of Spilamberto