Podere Campetto


Podere Campetto

Since 2018, I’ve recovered my father’s small field, of approximately 3 hectares. I started to select and plant ancient fruit varieties and a little vineyard of ancient native grapes. I got interested in medicinal herbs for my bees as well. 

For this reason, I started to grow Lavender Angustifolia plants and with my wife and my daughter’s, I have produced steam distilled lavender pure essential oil and dried flowers since 2021. Since 2022 we have produced other artisanal product lavender based as well. 

Currently, in our store and during the markets we sell:

  • Lavender essential oil, which has relaxed and lenitive proprieties, it is ideal to eliminate insect bites.

  • Aromatic water, with its natural aromas, it can be used to soften the skin, refresh your wardrobe or to wet the clothes during ironing.

  • Handmade Crochet sachet with dried lavender flowers to bring in your bag or luggage to dedicate yourself relaxing moments.

  • Candle made of soy and lavender essential oil. It is ideal for aromatherapy thanks to its relaxing proprieties.

  • Perfumermade with soy with dried lavender flowers decoration. It can be used as a postcard in an elegant table, as gift or to eliminate the moths in the wardrobe.

  • Relaxing pillow for the eyes, head or neck with lavender and rice. It is made with linen material and it is handsewn, it can be lightly warmed.