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Casa Toschi

Casa Toschi, the world of Toschi at 360°.

Toschi Vignola, our history

Toschi Vignola was born in 1945 from the idea of the brothers Giancarlo and Lanfranco Toschi who, thanks to an abundant year of cherries, decided to industrially produce what had always been a family tradition of theirs: the cherry in spirit.

Thus, was born the first of a long series of products that has made the company famous throughout the world and which today exports the quality of local products to over 70 countries around the world. Over the years, products have been added to cherries in alcohol which today range from black cherries in syrup to toppings, from syrups for drinks, cocktails and granitas to liqueurs such as Nocino di Modena, Fragolì and Lemoncello. An important place is occupied by Zero+, the line of syrups without sugars and calories with natural flavours launched on the market in 2019, which is recording - in the 'zero syrups' sector - the highest growth trend in sales in Italy.

Casa Toschi

The environment is the result of a project of urban regeneration, which has transformed a historic building of the city into a multifunctional reality designed to host events, initiatives and demonstrations both in the ice cream/pastry industry in the mixology field.

After the entrance, guests will immediately enter a large store dedicated to the sale of Toschi Vignola brand products, from iconic cherries in spiritto black cherry, from syrups to topping, from liqueurs to balsamic vinegar. The restaurant also houses a bar and an ice cream shop dedicated exclusively to demonstrations and bookable experiences and a kitchen for tastings and events.