Make your own pasta


Make your own pasta

Fattoria Koinè is a place of production, training, and enjoyment. It is a place where making art. 

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Learn to make tagliatelle with the theatrical company Koinè, with the iconic show ‘Le Mani In Pasta  ‘ (Hands in Pasta). In a small historic village surrounded by greenery in Roccamalatina, a fun  workshop awaits you, within your reach. Suitable for both adults and children. 


You will learn to make tagliatelle during one of the most iconic performances of the theatrical  company Koinè. 

The experience takes place in Roccamalatina, in a small historic village surrounded by greenery. You will gather organic vegetables directly from the farmer's field.  


In the workshop-event Le mani in pasta, an expert pasta maker-actress guides the group of  spectators through the stages of egg pasta production: from the preparation of the ingredients, to  the kneading of the flour, to the rolling out of the dough, to the cutting and production of beautiful  nests of tagliatelle, which the spectator can then take home to consume. It is a fun show, replicated  numerous times throughout Italy, and extremely engaging, both for those who participate in the  kneading of their own tagliatelle and for those who watch their friends dealing with eggs and flour. 

After making the tagliatelle, the sauce is prepared with the field vegetables from the Cà Sandro  farm, adjacent to the Fattoria. The two young farmers will accompany the participants to their  vegetable garden to personally collect seasonal delights. Together, we will cook the tagliatelle to  share a genuine local meal. 


useful information

Periodo di svolgimento: preferibilmente i week-end da maggio a settembre
Minimo e massimo di partecipanti: da 4 persone a 6 persone
Esperienza accessibile: sì. La fattoria dispone di ascensore per raggiungere il primo piano. Si può parcheggiare l’auto nello spiazzo adiacente alla struttura.
Modalità di prenotazione: prenotazione obbligatoria entro 7 giorni prima dell'evento tramite mail o telefono