Harvest of strawberries and tulips


Harvest of strawberries and tulips

The farm Le Fragole is a family business in the hamlet of Montale Rangone, in the municipality of Castelnuovo Rangone.

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The 'Le Fragole' farm provides its guests with the opportunity to harvest strawberries and tulips in their own fields and greenhouses directly from seedlings or from the ground.

Visitors will receive the right equipment to enjoy the harvest amidst 30 thousand strawberry seedlings and 8 thousand tulips in 16 different colours.

People and families who would like to make the experience even more special will be able to take photos during the harvest and bring their four-legged friends.

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Periodo di svolgimento: Mesi di aprile e maggio, dal lunedì alla domenica
Minimo e massimo di partecipanti: da 2 persone a 10 persone
Esperienza accessibile: sì per la raccolta dei tulipani, no per la raccolta delle fragole
Modalità di prenotazione: tramite email, whatsapp o canali social