Cocktail Experience


Cocktail Experience

Casa Toschi, the world of Toschi at 360°.

Casa Toschi is the result of an urban regeneration project that transformed a landmark city building into a multifunctional place designed to host events, initiatives and demos in gelato/pastry and mixology.

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Behind the bar of Casa Toschi, techniques e creativity are the main ingredients of every Cocktail. 

An experience to plunge in the world of baristas and bartenders, where you can learn different cocktails preparation techniques and get close to the art of mixology.

What you can expect from this experience:

-Brief history of Mixology and Cocktail classification

-Practical experience with a Toschi’s Master Bartender 

-Fresh ingredients and modern equipment

-Casual and familiar environment 

A Master bartender will show you every step of a cocktail preparation according to the IBA official cocktail list. You will learn about glass selection, ingredients measurement, equipment usage (jigger,strainer and shaker) composition and garnish. After the demonstration, you will have the opportunity to create 1 to 3 cocktails on your own, under the guide of the master Bartender.  You will also have the possibility to create a totally unique cocktail by experimenting various combinations according to your personal taste. During the experience, you will learn how to use different equipment and how a cocktail is structured. The recipe book includes alcoholic cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails (Mocktail), coffee cocktails and special coffees on request. Lastly, you will enjoy your creation. 

The experience includes:

-Cocktail demonstration

-preparation of 1 to 3 cocktails



useful information

Periodo di svolgimento: disponibile tutto l’anno, dal lunedì al sabato su prenotazione.
Minimo e massimo di partecipanti: da 2 persone a 15 persone
Esperienza accessibile: 
Modalità di prenotazione: prenotazione obbligatoria tramite mail o telefono. Preavviso di 3 giorni.