Vignola è tempo di ciliegie


Vignola è tempo di ciliegie

La festa dedicata alla ciliegia moretta, prodotto IGP di Vignola

“Vignola è tempo di ciliegie” (Vignola: it is time for cherries) is an established event that celebrates the “Moretta cherry” for which the town is famous worldwide. This cherry variety, together with other autochthonous types, obtained the PGI certification of the European Union in 2012.

The ruby red of the cherry is the main theme of the various activities that are proposed every year in June. The stalls of local agricultural producers, the ancient traditions recounted through exhibitions, themed showcases, but also new agricultural technologies, organic productions, PDO products and tastings are the protagonists. There are also many other side events such as shows, motor rallies, sports, artistic and cultural activities.

The festival dedicated to the Moretta cherry, a Vignola PGI product