Dama Vivente and Festa a Castello: the Renaissance at Castelvetro.


Dama Vivente and Festa a Castello: the Renaissance at Castelvetro.

Ogni anno, a settembre, Castelvetro di Modena torna indietro nel tempo attraverso due rievocazioni storiche che si alternano negli anni. La Dama Vivente e la Festa a Castello sono infatti i due attesi eventi che catapultano il visitatore nel Rinascimento.

Every year, in September, Castelvetro di Modena goes back in time through two historical re-enactments that alternate over the years. Dama Vivente (Living Draughts) and Festa a Castello (Party at the Castle) are indeed the two anticipated events that will catapult visitors into the Renaissance. Their setting is the evocative square with black and white slabs, called “della Dama”, which is overlooked by the historical buildings of the village: the Clock Tower, the Torre delle Prigioni, the Municipal Building and Palazzo Rinaldi.

Dama Vivente is held each even-numbered year and recalls the celebrations of the Rangone marquises to honour the poet Torquato Tasso, who took refuge in Castelvetro in 1564. The Festa a Castello is instead held each odd-numbered year and consists of a lavish Renaissance banquet. It can be accessed only by wearing clothes of that period, while musicians, fire eaters and historical dances entertain throughout dinner.

The Renaissance comes back to life against the background of the Castelvetro hills